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Dhruv Tara Realse Date:

Dhruv Tara is a popular Indian fantasy romantic TV serial that aired on Sony SAB in February 2023. This serial contains a very unique story concept that is based upon the ancient age and modern age and it is full of fantasy, romance, and sci. Fi scenes. This serial was directed and produced by Sumeet Mittal under Shashi Sumeet Production.

Dhruv Tara Serial Cast With Their Real Names:

In this serial, you can see a lot of Indian Drama stars who won the hearts of their audience with their performance. The main role of Rajkumari Tara was played by Riya Sharma. She was a famous Indian actress and model who worked in various Indian serials. The role of Dr. Dhruv was played by Ishaan Dhawan. He was a famous Indian actor who performed in many Indian serials. You can also see many other stars in this serial like Vineet Kumar, Yash Tonk, Krutika Desai, and many others.

Dhruv Tara Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The plot of Dhruv Tara serial starts in the 17th century, when Commander Samrat Singh betrayed with king of Vallabhgarh and wanted to become the king of that great empire. For this purpose, he decided to kill the king and for this, he planned to mix some kind of poison that killed him. When King ate that poison he went into a coma and after some days he woke up with a brain tumor. The daughter of King, Rajkumari Tara.

She knew about the medicines and for that, she wanted to treat her father. Many doctors came there to treat him but they won’t know about this disease. When the commander came to know about this he killed all the doctors and then wanted to marry Tara. An old woman came to her and told her that she could travel into the future and where she can find someone who could treat her father. The commander caught her and wanted to marry her by force but her friend helped her to escape from there and then she traveled to the 21st century without knowing how she came back after that.

In the 21st century, she met with Dhruv. Dr. Dhruv was a neurosurgeon and when Tara told him about the whole story she did time travel and a princess from the past wanted his help. Dhruv took her as a mental patient and admitted her to the hospital. After being discharged from the hospital, she was walking on the road and then she saved an old couple from theft, and then that old couple took her with them to their home.

That old couple was the grandparents of Dhruv and then she explained everything to Dhruv but he didn’t believe her. One day Dhruv’s mother asked Tara to do some work and she misbehaved with her and then she kicked Tara from the house. Dhruv felt sad about her and then took her to his aunt where she agreed to live like a maid in that house.

The Upcoming Twist And Gossips About Dhruv Tara:

In the upcoming episode, you can see that Dhruv’s heart slowly starts to melt for Tara and then he takes Tara with him and asks her if she is not lying then proves that she can do time travel but she doesn’t know how to do that back and this make Dhruv clear that she was just lying.
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