Imlie Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, Spoilers, and News

Imlie Timing:

The show is on TV every day at 8:30 PM, except on Sundays. There is another movie playing at 9:30 AM too. Each part of the show is 20 to 22 minutes long. It will also be shown on the Star channel.

Imlie Realse Date:

It’s probable that Imlie is a Hindi television series that premiered on November 16, 2020 on StarPlus and Disney+ Hotstar. In Gul Khan and the Four Lions Movies, Mayuri Deshmukh, Fahmaan Khan, Gashmeer Mahajani, and Sumbul Touqeer are the primary characters.

Imlie Serial Cast And Main Role:

The most notable characters in the present production of the play were Seerat Kapoor, Karan Vohra, and Megha Chakraborty. Adrija Roy and Sai Ketan Rao have been acting as the performers of the third era since September 2023. The two most well-known actors in the programme since September 2023 are Adrija Roy and Sai Ketan Rao, who are playing the third period. The bulk of the third era’s on-screen characters have been performed by Adrija Roy and Sai Ketan Rao since September 2023.

Imlie Written Updates With Full Storyline:

After taking refuge in a cabin during a severe downpour, Imlie, a gifted young lady from a town, is forced to wed a writer. She learns that her pal is stuck and getting married as soon as she gets to the city.

Daadi and Agastya are not the same. Grandma says she can still remember the good old days when they all slept in one room, but she has to leave this house as soon as possible because she can no longer live with her children. Governor concurs with her. Agastya wishes to remain here and make plans to reclaim their home from Vishwa. 

There isn’t enough room in our house for all of us, so Navya and Vishwa must move out since Sonali stated she is living with him. Mom approves of them. While Vishwa is sleeping, Imlie slips into his room and stealthily snatches something from him. She wants to know who perished in the accident, so she uses her fingerprint to unlock it and watches the footage that has been captured on her phone. She leaves the room after taking his suitcase. She notices Agastya is upright.

Vishwa’s attorney contacted him to inform him that Agastya and Sonali are investigating whether Vishwa is attempting to remove their belongings. Vishwa will face consequences if they discover it, and they will have a week to retrieve their belongings. In an attempt to avert disaster, Vishwa pays the lawyer and instructs him to ensure that the solution is not discovered. Imlie hears something and feels compelled to inform Agastya of it. She utilises smart talk to convince Agastya to inquire about what would happen in her life, pretending to be a wise person among a small group of individuals. 

Agastya expresses his desire not to. After conversing with him and stealing his wallet, she flees. She has Agastya following her. She’s concealed behind a wall. He picks her out after noticing her. They quarrel once more. After inquiring about a delivery, she eventually acknowledged that she had placed his wallet in a drawer. A few papers are inside the drawer when he takes it out.

Imlie Upcoming Story Twist:

Imlie is reprimanded by Navya for donning a mangalsutra and sindoor. According to her, Vishwa can wear sindoor and mangalsutra after being married, but she should only wear sindoor with Agastya’s name on it. You must visit our website Dhruvtara to watch the forthcoming episodes of this series for free in order to witness all the thrilling portions.

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