KumKum Bhagya Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, Spoilers, News and Crew

KumKum Bhagya launch Date:

Zee  TV’s KumKum Bhagya is a well-known program. It is recognized as one of the greatest Indian television series and has been on for a while. Since its 2014 launch, this show’s story has only become better.

KumKum Bhagya Serial Cast, With Reals Names And Main Roles:

This TV show was developed by Ravindra Gautam for Balaji Films Productions. Television series and movies are produced by Ekta and Shobha Kapoor. The actors who appeared on KumKum Bhagya were adored by viewers of the show. There are several Indian actors in this show. Pragya is portrayed by the major actress, Sriti Jha. Shabir Ahluwalia is an excellent actor. Many well-known actors, such as Mugdha Chaphekar, Krishna Kaul, and Abrar Qzai, star in this play.

KumKum Bhagya Written Updates With Full Storyline:

Sarla is the main character of the KumKum Bhagya show and she is a mother who takes care of her kids by herself. She ran a place for weddings in the city and had two daughters. Her daughters became older, and the oldest, Pragya, was very kind. Many people felt angry when they saw Abhi, a famous rock star. Alia, who is Pragya’s sister, was dating Purab, who is Abhi’s friend, even though Purab had feelings for Bulbul. Alia discovered that Purab loved another woman who made him feel special. So she made Pragya unhappy by getting her brother to marry her. Alia’s brother did it because he wanted to make her happy. Pragya made Abhi’s grandma happy, so she wanted Pragya to marry him.

In today’s episode, Monisha says she’s going to win RV now. RV left the bathroom and realized that Poorvi still hadn’t arrived. He feels happy that she didn’t come, and now RV will have time to himself. The doorbell is ringing. RV believes she has arrived. He opens the door and sees Monisha. He unlocks the door and sees Monisha standing on the other side. She enters the room. He asked how she got here, and she made up a story. RV is saying he’s tired and wants her to go to sleep. He says they’ll talk tomorrow.

Monisha says she will rub his back and tries to rub his neck. RV tells her that what she is doing is wrong because he is married now. Monisha says we will get married soon, so why is it wrong? Poorvi wakes up and throws up. She remembers hearing what Monisha wanted to do. She believes she helped Monisha succeed and now she has to be with RV. She is worried that her grandparents will be upset, and she is wondering how to fix the situation. Monisha asks RV if he is afraid of Poorvi and tells him to buy her an expensive gift to make her stop bothering him. R

KumKum Bhagya Serial Summary:

RV tells the Inspector that he doesn’t know who he is. The Inspector responds by saying he will change RV’s attitude in jail. Poorvi phones RV and asks how he is doing in jail. RV says you made me get arrested while we were on our honeymoon. Poorvi tells him that he can do whatever he wants.

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