Pandya Store Serial Cast, Upcoming Story, Twist, News and Spoilers

Pandya Store Realse Date:

Pandya Store one of the most well-known Indian TV shows, Pandya Store, debuted on Star Plus on January 25, 2021.

Pandya Store Plot Story:

 This serial was in high demand. The streaming service Disney+ Hotstar offers a digital version of this serial as well. Pradeep Yadav, a well-known Indian director who has helmed several well-known Indian films and television shows, is the man behind this drama. Sunjoy Waddhwa and Commal Sunjoy Waddhwa are the producers of this serial. 

Pandya Store With Their Real Names ( Actors and Actress) And Characters

Through their performances in the serial, the cast of this show captured the hearts of the viewers. This series has several well-known Indian actors and actresses from the drama business. Shiny Doshi, a well-known Indian actress and model, drew a sizable audience for her portrayal of Dhara in this serial. In this serial, Kinshuk Mahajan, who is well-known for both his acting and good looks in the drama world, portrayed the character of Gautum

 Pandya Store Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The narrative opens in a middle-class home where the entire family is dependent on the profits of a supermarket chain known as Pandya Store. After the family’s father, Pandya Sharma passed away from diabetes, Gautum, the eldest son, took over all of the duties. He worked diligently and fulfilled all of his duties. Due to these obligations—he had an elderly mother and three younger brothers—Gautam abandoned his studies. He married Dhara after a few years.

Since they were young children, they have loved each other, and Dhara was a modest and honorable woman. Following their marriage, Dhara took care of the entire family, including his brother, by helping him in the store and raising him as an older sister. Businessmen who wanted to purchase the Pandya store’s location to build a mall there refused to sell it. As a result, they were forced to sell, and they obtained a warrant for the store. Dhara then turned to his husband for support, and they retaliated by fighting back and winning the case in court. 


After ten years, Dhara’s younger brothers, Dev, Shiva, and Krish, grew up and obeyed her regardless of the situation, showing respect for her as their elder sister. Krish met Kirit because he aspired to be a well-known Indian actor, and it was through this role that they gradually began to fall in love. Shiva, on the other hand, had feelings for Raavi. who was his friend from college, and they intended to tie the knot. Dhara became pregnant with Gautam’s child.

Natasha and Amba are at odds. She says, “You all have betrayed me, and I’m leaving.” Dhawal begs you not to leave. You have never loved me, you are a businesswoman, I will break this agreement, I will never experience grief, I can’t offer you my Pandya store, and I don’t want your love. The Pandya store, according to her, will never close. She grabs her purse. She is stopped by Dhawal. Suman heads to the kettle. The milk pitcher topples. Shesh and Mittu arrive and promise to clean it. According to her, a lot of things went wrong today. She offers prayers. Natasha gets rid of Dhawal. A puja plate is struck by her backpack. The water kalash fall and sindoor. 

 Pandya Store Serial Future Story:

You will see in the next episode that Dhara goes to the Raavi house to ask for her hand in marriage, but she leaves the house upset when her mother insists on a very high demand.  What comes next? Stay tuned to our website Dhruvtara  to watch every episode and have fun. 

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